Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Jurassic World Bashers and Biters Velociraptor Blue with gear!

JW Blue with gear

I tend to call her "Gun Nut Blue". She sports a net firing cannon, which is identical to the Mosasaur vs. Submarine pack, and gear. A late entry into the line, it's a really fun figure!

The best part about it is that you can remove the backpack and the cannon. The head head is molded on and the little camera is not removable.

Pulling the tail down causes it to open the jaw and move the neck. I think it looks pretty nice.

Probably in my top then, this is a really cool, fun toy. The trap missile packs a huge punch and launches really far! Blue looks really cool armed and ready for action, helping trap other dinosaurs, or human enemy combatants. The paint is the same as with the other Blues, but at least they're consistent.

The camera is movable and can rotate 360 degrees which is a cool feature. Again, it's non removable, and removing it will likely leave a gaping hole on the head.

Again, this is a really fun toy. I have not seen many of them, so if you see her, grab her! Anyways, this is my final Jurassic World Review for a while. I'm only missing two of the chompers which I will review later, and I have yet to get the T.rex escape playset as it's just the B&B T.rex with a buncha tiny fences. Once I get it I will discuss why it took me so long to get it. Until then, happy hunting!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jurassic World Growlers Velociraptor "Charlie"

JW Growlers Charlie

Charlie is identical to Delta except that she's green. Great mold, can stand up, can close mouth. Love it.

I tend to get Delta and Charlie confused. Delta is the "teal" colored one, and second in command, but there's nothing "teal" about Delta's figure. This figure is just dark evergreen.

Pushing the tail down causes her jaw to close and to let out a shriek. Button lights up. Identical in every way to Delta.

Somewhat different than the Titan, but not too different, Delta and Charlie are their own molds.

I went to the store, got Delta first, and then went back 2 hours after to get Charlie. I haven't seen them since. If you need to complete your raptor squad, I repeat, buy on sight. Anyways, let's re-capitulate...

I hope you figured out what Titan Delta's problem is. This is 8 Jurassic World Raptors. I will write the review for Bazooka Blue from the final wave momentarily. Eh, they're Jurassic Park franchise theme park monsters. And I'm ok with that, y'know? The lack of hyperextendable claw on the Titans is just awful, but the growlers all have the claw. I'm really happy with the four of them, even though it's just two different molds. Funny thing is that I don't love them because of their quality or mold, but because they're all four raptors, and they make noises! At a time I was worried I had to get the oversized Titans AND Growler Blue to form an out of scale collection. Hasbro sort of redeemed themselves by making all four growlers, and they're pretty fun together. I highly recommend you pass on the Titans and get the Growler Raptors instead! You won't regret it! Raptor Squad 4eva!

But how does the story end, really?

Indominus vs. raptor Squad!

This is actually inaccurate as Charlie gets blown up by a missile earlier in the film, but...eh...

I hope you've enjoyed my reviews up 'till now, and I'll keep posting weekly!

May the Raptor Squad be with you!

Jurassic World Growlers Velociraptor "Echo"

JW Growler Raptor Echo.

Echo is just a mango colored version of Blue. I find it interesting that she isn't colored in papaya orange like her Titan counterpart.

Again, nothing special as she's identical to Blue. She is a lot harder to find though, along with Charlie and Delta, so if you must have a complete Growler Raptor Squad and see Echo, please do buy her. It's fun to have all four roaring at the same time!

She also lights up.

I have to say, the coloration on these two is just...awful. I don't know which one I like less. Yes, Echo is the lightest colored one, but definitely not this light. I'm not saying they're ugly colors. I just wish they had stuck to the same palette with these two like they did with the others. Oh well, maybe one will be called Echo and the other one Papaya raptor.

Again, this is my number 6 spot on best to worst, and it's a very nice mold. Having all 4 Growlerr raptors is pretty cool.

Jurassic World Growlers Velociraptor "Delta"

JW Growler Delta Raptor.

At least Delta and Charlie get a new mold. It's a cooler mold because it can stand up, and I love the action features. It's a very nice mold. This dinosaur is also RARE, so if you see it, GET IT!

I actually prefer this mold over Blue and Echo's mold...mostly because Charlie and Delta can stand up. The colors are a bit too plain, and they seem...glossier than the rest of the dinosaurs in the line. They are also less detailed. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but they do feel kinda fragile. By the time I purchased this, I realized I was not gonna see them again as they are on a one-per-case availability.

Barry's raptor, the one that hates Hoskins can close her mouth for those "We're on the same team!!!" sequences! Both Delta and Charlie produce different screams, and they aren't as vivid as the others. The makes chose really lame Raptor squeaks for these two, and they have a huge library to work with. Please watch this informative video before proceeding:

They should have used the raptor "graw" at 1:38 in my opinion...

Woo! They light up too. Their wounds are different from Blue and Echo's, too. I didn't know ribs went horizontally...Ugh.

Interestingly enough, Delta doesn't look like Titan Delta.

As you can see Charlie and Delta are identical twins, just like Blue and Echo are identical. Their colors are...okay at most and only serve to distinguish one from the other. I like the mold though. Top 7 here!