Saturday, October 25, 2014

Procon CollectA Dilophosaurus

Procon CollectA Dilophosaurus

I bought this 7 years ago when Procon CollectA was in its infancy as I wanted to have all Dilophosaurus ever. It's... not the best sculpt's highly inaccurate, but it's got a very gnarly paint wash!

It could be worse. This is actually a very nicely detailed sculpt with wrinkles and scales and stuff. I have one other figure from CollectA and it's Agustinia (the small one) and I've always loved it. CollectA is known for producing dinosaur figures not often produced enough, and while this Dillow is not one of the best, they are producing some very high quality dinosaur toys now a days! Boy if I had the space... Still it's a nice vintage looking Dillow. I love it.

If anything this particular Dillow looks like a noasaur... but that's just me. Downwards upper jaws and weird looking lower jaw? This screams of Noasaurus or Masiakasaurus if anything! But let's...let's not delve into that little obsession of mine yet.

It's also in near scale to most other Dillows. Very nice. I think it's a nice dinosaur figure to have. Doesn't take up a ton of space and has some personality to it. The color wash is quite nice! I recommend it to CollectA purists!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus

Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus

Dilophosaurus is a toothy animal, but this is the toothiest Dilophosaurus in existence. Not only it's an excellent representation of my favorite dinosaur, but it is also my favorite Safari Ltd (excluding Carnegie) figure ever.

Wow I love this figure. The colors, the pose, the details...absolutely amazing. I'm surprised it took me so long to acquire it. Maybe this dino is actually sucking up to me. I love it's "mommy, I love you, please feed me" pose. He also looks smiling and happy. While my favorite Dilophosaurus toy is the Carnegie Collection one seen EXCLUSIVELY HERE: review done by yours truly for the glory of the Dino Toy blog, this is probably my second favorite. Then again, it is hard for me to pick and choose as Dillows are my best friends.

"Mommy plz feed"

"Here you go, a chuleta of Anchisaurus"

It's rather large in comparison to other Dillows in similar scale, but that's ok. I think it is an accurate representation of the animal, and I am fond of that. Next up, ANOTHER DILLOW! WHee! It's Dillow Week!