Friday, April 15, 2016

Jurassic World Hero Mashers Carnotaurus Ichthyosaurus

JW HM Carnotaurus and Ichthyosaurus

Carnotaurus/Ichthyosaurus! Yet another Hero Masher review. It's hard to take down Spinosaurus...Carnotaurus is just such an oddball dinosaur, but these folks represented it well either way, right down to the red color. It's slightly reminiscent of the reddish brown from BoneBreaker from yesteryear.

Ahhh all those pieces...

Wow this thing is expressive! Though not nearly as cute as Spinosaurus. This thing just wants to crack jokes and butthead other dinosaurs. I'm very happy whenever someone paints a dinosaur in Tuscan Red. The nice swirls painted on give it character as well. It's nicely detailed. I'm very happy with it.

More flippers, then?

I can't wait to put those parts on Spinosaurus' body. But for the sake of this review, the red and yellow clash is not so bad. Ichthyosaurus just looks mean! Meaner than Mosasaurus! I do love the blue stripes as well. It looks good with Carno's body.

Harder to find than Triceratops and Spinosaurus, I seriously lucked out when I found it. I never really looked into the HM shelves, but when they got cut in price, all the good stuff came out, including Dilophosaurus as we will see next. I think it is a nice mold and a great new pool of parts to add to your repertoire of parts!

Honestly, who needs Chaos Effect when you got Hero Mashers??!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jurassic World Hero Mashers Spinosaurus Mosasaurus

JW HM Spinosaurus Mosasaurus

Well, these Hero Mashers get more interesting every time. I'm not a "masher" and I like keeping dinosaurs whole, so that whole leftover part thing is a bit annoying, but unlike Triceratops, this Spinosaurus is a wee bit more interesting.

Is this not the most adorable Spinosaurus you've ever seen? When I look at it I hear that one penguin mom from Super Mario 64 just whining and stuff. It's just kind of adorable and highly articulated. I actually like the colors on this one.

I think it's a pretty smart spinosaur.

So according to recent discoveries, Spinosaurus was practically a marine dinosaur. Therefore the transition into a large seafaring varanid should be easy, no? Not really.

The mosasaur is a bit more vicious looking. It has this back fin that has been typically associated with marine reptiles since...forever, but we now know better. It still looks kinda cool though. It allows it to keep the link with Spinosaurus. The green and yellow don't clash as much, so this is perfectly fine. All four paddles are the same mold, right and left.

Ta da...ta da...ta da tadatadatada WHAOWHAHWAAA!! This is my favorite HM so far. Get it if you can find it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jurassic World Hero Mashers Triceratops Stegosaurus

JW HM Triceratops Stegosaurus

Now we will move on from the basics to those who can transform into two different dinosaurs! Let's look over Triceratops first!

Upon opening it, building it and looking at its jaws I whispered to myself "Ultimasaurus" (Ultimasaurus is an unreleased hybrid dinosaur that was supposed to come out in 1998 by Jurassic Park Chaos Effect, by Hasbro)... It's a nice figure for a quadruped, and it is different than Ankylosaurus in that the front and hind limbs are different pairs. Ankylosaurus' are just two identical pairs. The cool thing about it is that the brow horns and the parietal shield can be removed so it can be a plain looking herbivorous face with a horn. You can easily make a 1800's Iguanodon with this. This is one angry Triceratops! But there is a nice pool of parts you can use for creating your own dino. Let's see Stegosaurus!

Well, the purple and light blue really do clash, but it's not bad looking, I suppose. It has a very maniacal face. But that's it for these two! Hope you enjoyed it and have fun tracking them down in discount stores!