Saturday, March 28, 2015

Schleich Dilophosaurus

I am so sorry. No new updates. Shame on me. I'm in the tail end of my Spring Break, and I'm graduating this next term. My real life totally overshadows my dinosaur life, but that does not mean I'm not completely insane about dinosaur toys. Continuing with my Dilophosaur dilemma, here we will look at yet another Dillow, as my friend "Tylosaurus" calls them.

For those who have seen my "Dillow" collection, you must realize that you only see 25% of what is known as Dilophosaurus, which favorite dinosaur. Schleich brings us here a very vintage looking yet colorful Dilophosaurus straight out of all your favorite dino books!

any fool who does not understand Dilophosaurus or its discovery history will say this looks like a generic theropod. Well, for the longest time Dilophosaurus sat in the wastebasket taxon Megalosaurus in the USA until better material was acquired, revealing a much more different, interesting animal. The big first carnivore, as books press it to be, this mold represents everything that was both wrong and right about paleoart back in the 60's-80's. This mold drags and cults its tail around, yet looks menacing as a dragon, and the coloration is quite lovely, if I may say so myself. It's a really well executed retro-style Dilophosaurus.

All Dillows are welcome in my collection, and this particular aged piece is quite the beloved piece.

I cannot lie. This is a highly inaccurate, outdated mold. Funny how it is more modern than JP 1993's stuff, and still manage to be more outdated. Get this if you're a vintage-ist, a hardcore fan or a lover of Dilophosaurus. Personally, being the latter, all Dillows are beautiful in my eyes! This mold is no exception, and he's in scale with all other edu-toy Dillows as well! Don't miss out. Highly recommended.