Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Transformers Beast Machines Airraptor

Beast Machines Airraptor!

Sorry for my absence, school has begun and I have been busy with that. Strangely enough this has been an extremely laid back and easy week, so watch for a plethora of reviews coming this way! First up is Airraptor! Known as Archadis in Japan (and is a Destron in Beast Wars Neo), this Beast Machines Dinobot takes on an unusual form: Archaeopteryx!!!

This TF has a lot of kibble due to all those crazy feathers! He is a very colorful, highly articulated TF, and in his tech specs it is stated that he is a sniper. His gun has a clever gear mechanism so when the feather shield is rotated, the gun will be placed in his hand. His left arm is his dino head and he can sort of hold things with those jaws... His large dino wings also shield his back and chest from all sorts of attacks. He's also articulated at the hips, knees and ankles and has elbow joints, biceps and ball jointed shoulders. Oh, and a cut neck.

His dino wings can flip forward, revealing his spark contained, which denotes his allegiance to the Dinobot cause! He can also attack his enemies that way.

Transforming him isn't complicated, but it is a clever transformation. He's even cooler in Archaeopteryx mode!

Underneath the wings he holds two feather bombs. Pressing the buttons will cause the wings to pop out and drop both bombs.

Popping out the wings will also allow you to access its attack mode. The ends of the wings can be rotated outward revealing two huge cannons for air to air combat.

One of my favorite Dinobots ever, Airraptor is a worthy addition to any collection.