Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Schleich The First Giants Dilophosaurus

Schleich First Giants Dilophosaurus

Out of all of this year's releases, the Dilophosaurus is the one I was most excited for, as this is my favorite dinosaur.

The new tradition with Schleich dinosaurs is their one point of articulation, which is the jaws. That's all it does.

Every First Giants figure comes with a roll out mini pamphlet a la Safari. This one includes the animal's information. I'm too lazy to type it here so just zoom in the picture.

I really like this figure. it's nicely textured, it has lots of details and I love the colors. However, the posed dinosaurs continue to annoy me, and the fact that it's so inaccurate; as the rest of its Schleich kin is continue to bother me greatly. The hands are in the wrong position and the skull looks a bit exaggerated.

It's not the first Schleich figure stuck in an awkward "look around turn" pose. It's not a bad figure. If you love Schleich this is for you. If you love figures of Dilophosaurus this is for you. It certainly works for me as I collect both.