Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jurassic World Bashers and Biters Indominus rex

JW B&B Indominus rex

I actually have no problems with this figure.

One of my favorite Bashers and Biters along with Pachycephalosaurus and Stegoceratops. The lower jaw juts out a little, but that's ok. It's cute, fun little toy.

Like I said, it's a cool little companion to the collection, and I enjoy having Indominus in different sizes, to pretend they are growth stages. To me, Indominus rex is like the Mewtwo of Jurassic World, a clone gone terrible wrong made from the most powerful dinosaurs.

Interesting thing about it is that you don't have to turn the tail to the side to make it move its head to the side as has been the case with the other B&B's, so that's kind of cool because the feature was often flawed on the others.

There it is with T.rex. Same size, perfect sturdy toy for kids.

Who's the queen now, huh?

Here she is with the other two. I wish I had the mini figures that came in the little bags, but I missed out. Maybe someday. We're on the tail end of the line, not much left to go on! Stay tuned!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Jurassic World Electronic Chomping Indominus rex AKA Big Bad

JW Chomping Electronic Indominus rex

This is it, the review you've been waiting for. Verizon Presents: The Indominus rex. AKA the "Big Bad".

This toy is low on my list suffers from several different problems. Not that it's not fun. But let's get the negative parts out of the way.

Bit of a fun story on this Indominus rex. I went to school on an off school day for a meeting, but I got there like 3 hours early and grew bored, so I walked ten blocks away into a weird city Target, to see what they had. I had never seen the Indominus in person, but they had it at like $10 off! I just couldn't say no. So I bought this humongous dinosaur and walked into like 3 bars to have celebratory drinks over having caught the creature. This was before Jurassic World came out, too, so it was very funky. Anyways, I get to my meeting, and suddenly decide to just go home and play with it. Wow. What a disappointment. The legs were soooo loose the thing kept falling forward. This is it's default position. A quadrupedal dinosaur no doubt.

I read somewhere that there is a fix to keep it level, but it is really top heavy and it will fall forward anyways, so pray and hope your I.rex' legs are tight. Otherwise you're to hold it up high in this "save me from my misery, pray to the Lord" position. I hate the arms. They are not independent from one another in order to trigger the action feature.

I'm not saying it's not a nice mold. It's scary, looks like an evil dino skull personified and it has very nice details all over the body. But the neck is made out of a different plastic from the rest of the body, which feels like a cheap paste. The neck and head, being a rubbery mess, leaves a huge gaping seam between the neck and rest of the body. It looks awkward. At least it won't degenerate over time like the T.rex'. Or will it?

Pulling both arms down makes the neck go slightly forward and the jaws to open at an almost 90 degree angle. Very cool. This thing can swallow anything! It's a very scary monster despite its stability problems. The arms are very tight though so beware! It feels fragile too, so try not to break it!

Sorry for the crappy picture. The roaring action produces several sounds, like a sniffing sound, an angry yell, and a stalking noise, similar to the one when it leaves Owen after leaving Paddock 10. The back also lights up in yellow and red for about 10-15 seconds, to emulate its camouflaging powers...except this yellow to red scheme makes it stick out even more. Here we go again with the weird light up dinosaurs. Lighting up is not good camo.

I'm not saying it is not cool, but a light up dinosaur? It's just plain weird!

It is foolish of me to compare this from those which came before, but I recently had the opportunity to watch Jurassic World again, and...well now I feel that all these past reviews...This isn't Star Wars and their "old comes new" themes. No, this is "advancing with the ages". I just feel the Big Bad''m one of those who believe in dino-harmony and love to picture harmonious scenes, but my Kenner Red Rex, Thrasher, Bull T.rex, Hasbro's JPIII Spinosauruses are better toys than this thing. It has been 20ish approx years since I got them more or less, and they still have not broken. This thing broke the day I bought it. Not to mention that you'll need a really thin Phillips screwdriver to open up the battery pack!!! A REALLY LONG THIN Phillips Screwdriver. And lights on a dinosaur? I already assessed how ridiculous that is. Whatever, it's cool and weird and it's...something else. It's something new, for new generations. And it's pretty cool.

Jurassic Park is like a religion, and to me the Indominus rex is the devil, the big villain. It's fun to create or re-create scenes like this, putting this monster out of commission. It is a cool toy for the monster collector, but I am warning you... "this is no dinosaur"- Owen Grady.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Jurassic World Mosasaurus vs Submarine

JW Mosasaurus vs Submarine

This is one of the most awaited sets from the Jurassic World line along with the Big Bad Indominus, and the Stomp and Strike T.rex, oh and the growler raptors, of course. But is it everything you want it to be? Maybe, maybe not. It's up to you.

I'm not saying it's a bad toy. It's really fun to play with, but I don't know if y'all are seeing a theme here. Ugly dinosaurs, cool but cheap toys. Mosasaurus is related to Komodo dragons and monitor lizards. This looks like a weird...uh...I don't know. You had to buy it if you saw one when it came out. They became easier to find for the holidays.

And there it is. It's nothing special. The pose is kind of cool, and yeah I love how the tail curves sideways like that. If anything it looks like a mosasaur is crawling up land to lay eggs...or something. So it's got some cool little value there. As we all know, mosasaurs don't have those iguana spikes on the back of their tails...or maybe they did. Monitor lizards and their kin (squamata) regularly do not, but the JW Mosasaur does.

This is my biggest problem! Pull the right front flipper back and it opens and snaps the jaw, much like Indominus rex from the vs set. However, the feature is extremely clunky, it screeches of broken internal mechanics, and it's hard to do! I have had 2 others pass by my hands, and one was seamless, and another one was just as hard. I think they feel cheap, and I am afraid of breaking it. As you can see, it can open the jaws at a pretty wide angle, but not through use of the action feature. It feels kind of like a clip. It's sure enough wide enough to chomp through anything! Too bad it looks hideous. The tail goes up and down while you do this, but it does not work as well as it should...

Like the other "hurt me but I'll be fine" line of abused dinosaurs, this one has the same JW innovative Dino Damage method the others do. Why anyone would go underwater to bite a huge chunk out of Moasaurus is unclear, but you have the option, should you feel brave enough to cross her.

Correction. Both front flippers control the opening jaw bit. The two back flippers are independent and you can pose it as if she were running through the dunes!

Can we talk about the Submarine and how awesome it is?! It's got tons of moving parts! The little soldier sucks, like all the other figures, but oh well.

The sub's claws open up and close. It raises the arms up. The cabin collapses if Mosasaurus attacks it! The cannon rotates all across and shoots an extremely powerful long range net missile. Boy is this launcher strong! Holy smokes! It's pretty cool! I love it! It's my favorite JW vs vehicle! Too bad it's for tiny figures...

And there you go. That's the Jurassic World Mosasaurus for ya. Take it or leave it. I've seen a re-release with darker paint. So this means there are two variants. Instead of a white belly it has a bluer, greyer belly, but I'm not sure...I might go to the store again to see if it's the lighting or my eyes that were fooled. Naturally, there is the alternative..."Mexican Mosasaurus": A bootleg reproduction that is as long as The Big Bad Indominus rex, with every aspect of the movie's Mosasaurus, with electronics. This animal disappointed so many because Mosasaurus is one of the "Three Big Carnivores" on Jurassic World, and many feel it deserved a better toy. But this is a fun toy, fun for the tub, and it'll bring hours of imaginative play to your kid's life. I highly recommend it, I just think the Mosasaurus is ugly. It's the paleo-jerk in me, obviously, but I give the set AS A TOY an A.

Indominus takedown!