Friday, August 5, 2016

Schleich The First Giants Spinosaurus

Schleich First Giants Spinosaurus

I've decided to call the dinosaurs from this line the "Oddly Posed Mafia" because of their unusually curvy poses. This is both troublesome and at the same time kind of novel since most dinosaurs are posed in less extreme ways.

Also known as the "Violet" Spinosaurus, this already outdated model features a mix of artistic traits Spinosaurus has been given over the years based on the various evidence collected on it, such as a quadrupedal pose. Remember the old paintings of Spinosaurus where it walked on all fours? According to a controversial 2014 paper it really did. This would be Schleich's SECOND quadrupedal Spinosaurus, so they were closer to the truth than most dinosaur toy makers ever were! Now one of the things I enjoy about Schleich dinosaurs are their articulated jaws, that way the collector can have choices.

I really enjoy this figure. I got it on a trade, and I've never seen it in stores around my area, so it was a nice surprise. The colors are interesting, and the texture is really nice, but there are many problems with it. But this figure displays a mix of classic and modern Spinosaurus artistic trends, so it's essentially a mash-up between the old, the new, the wrong and the right.

Not the biggest Spinosaurus on Schleich's repertoire. I do not have the mini figure just yet.

I think this is an interesting wonderful figure that benefits from its freakiness. Then again, I collect Jurassic Park stuff, so who am I to say something about what is freaky or not? And when is Schleich going to care about scientific accuracy? I feel like I'm looking at an old dinosaur book STILL, and it's 2016. Proceed with caution with this one. I like it, but for all the wrong reasons.

3 months! Welcome to August!

Hey readers! Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been focusing more than anything on my other blog which is Batman-centric, so hopefully more than one dinosaur toy enthusiast also happens to be a Batman figure enthusiast. I have not ignored the fact that I've taken hundreds of pictures specifically for this blog; pictures I hope to share with you very soon. Speaking of which, this has been my latest dinosaur haul:

Shall we look at some of these wondrous beauties?