Monday, September 15, 2014

DinoZone Swordsaurus

Dinozone Swordsaurus

Sorry for my absence, been busy with my Batman blog. Anywho today we get our first look at Dinozone! Dinozone made by Bandai back in 2000 featured transformable robot dinosaurs that sort of went from fossil to robot dinosaur/transformer. There was an anime of the same name but I never really did see it. Either way the toys are super cool and have an unique aesthetic feel to them. They are a mixture of clear translucent plastic which forms the body and the bones are usually done in a shiny or chrome finish. Swordsaurus is no exception.

Swordsaurus is a Pachycephalosaurus. He gets the name Swordsaurus because his tail is a huge sword. When he transforms into sword mode he can clip on the arm of a larger Dinosoldier to make up the sword. I'll have to take pictures of that sometime later. The head is spring loaded. When you push it backwards and let it go the head will do a bashing motion.

Robot mode looks REALLY awkward, more so on this figure than in the rest of the Dinozone figures. They are essentially shellformers, but not this one as he just swings around to transform. He's got articulated shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. You culd say that the waist also is articulated but that's more of a transformation issue.

I love these toys, but they are FRAGILE, especially this figure! The shoulder joints rest on some weak clear plastic wheel that breaks really easily when you swing his arms outward. A toy that's 14 years old will be especially susceptible to the damage. In fact this is my SECOND Swordsaurus as the first one's shoulders disintegrated upon taking it out of the package. This one has stress fractures but I'm not going to force him too hard. This figure is VERY hard to find, so I'm lucky to own two of them.

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