Saturday, August 29, 2015

Terra Battat Dan LoRusso Collection Tyrannosaurus rex T.rex reissue!

After 18 years I finally have this mold! WAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And I am so happy to have it! It's perfect! It's one of my favorite T.rexes ever!!!

It's perfect. Available now in Target stores for $10.99, it's perfect in every way. And for the naysayers who say this is outdated, needs feathers, whatever. When the original Museum of Boston figure was released in 1997, this was the best Tyrannosaurus representation in plastic ever, despite it's lame blue and yellow coloring. This coloring is a lot better.

Unlike the Acrocanthosaurus that I reviewed a few days back, this does not have any weird plastic bits hanging off of it. It's made of a somewhat sturdier rubber. And it can balance on its own... At least the copy I own does! I went to another Target after snatching this at a different Target, and I immediately knew it was right for me. Fate, I suppose...

For those who missed out on the original release....uh...releases, this definitely belongs in your collection.

One of my favorite T.rex figures ever. I will continue to look for the rarer original, but, this will do for now.