Monday, May 23, 2016

Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus rex Lockdown

JW T.rex Lockdown playset

When people first saw pictures of the big Jurassic World Playset, everyone was very excited. Was Hasbro going to bring back the old Kenner Fences or were they going to release something in a similar size? What about the gates, and was the T.rex a new mold? NOPE! It's something completely different, but is different better? Let's see!

The instructions tell you how to build your set, but if you've owned the JP Command Compound or the JPIII Raptor Attack Playset, it's essentially the same thing, except we got some newww parts! Also, I really like the box art. This is the only JW toy with some manner of Box Art, and while it is nice, it can be misleading...

This is really small. Small enough to hold a B&B T.rex, which is included. The T.rex is a rehash, and the review of this particular figure can be seen on earlier posts. I will not go over it. The gate is nice and I really dig the flames. The words "Jurassic World" come in a decal which has to be placed really carefully. Guess some things never change.

The Gyrosphere is just a clear plastic ball with...a cardboard cutout of a sitting 2 inch tall toy soldier. I'm shaking my head right now in disapproval. If it was a hamster bowl which in which you could place the 2 in. soldiers in, that would have been ok. This is... I don't have the words right now.

As with other JP playsets, this one comes with a net tower, except it's smaller, though it's interesting to note that it comes in the same terracotta color that the JPIII one comes in, and it follows a similar design. The net is a black rubber...thing. To operate it, you are supposed to place it on the launcher arm and just let go, like a slingshot. It doesn't work all that well though.

This net isn't going to catch anything. So how do we get this ball chasing T.rex under control? We lead it into a trap.

One of the parts on this pen is a mysterious door...

I don't know who in their right mind would get on a Gyrosphere and ride around Paddock 9, but there is an escape route! Once you push your little hamster ball through the door, lightning bolts come out...

Your heels can rest easy. T.rex gets zapped into a coma. I think it's a nice, fun idea.

And there you have it. I scored this a few days ago for $12, which is what I would pay for this set. A repeated dinosaur, a cardboard soldier, and a worthless trap? Those bits are useless. The gate and the fences work well for a sort of petting zoo, which will be included in my Kenner Jurassic Park setup, where the Kenner hatchlings are going to have a space to roam and greet the guests. It's an interesting set, really, but it could have been...soooo much more...If you've got a discount store like a Ross or a Marshall's, TJ MAXX, etc, go find them. They are half off! Half off is the only way they are worth it, in my opinion, just like most of the Jurassic World line.