Friday, May 13, 2016

Jurassic World Dino Hybrid Owen "Alpha" & Velociraptor "Blue"

JW Dino Hybrid Owen and Blue

$25 later and I get the most awaited figure in the less than perfect Jurassic World line. Owen Wilson, the "Alpha" finally shows up as the only Jurassic World figure (the tiny 2 inch ones don't...don't count) depicting a movie character. Blue is just a rehash of Velociraptor blue. *sigh*

The Owen is so tiny, Blue looks HUGE next to it. I really dislike 3 and 3/4th inch tall humans being included in a Jurassic Park line because they are just...tiny and not compatible with Kenner's superior Jurassic Park humans and accessories. The rehashed blue doesn't even come with the cannon and net missile from before, but it does have a glow in the dark pattern that is activated by shining the ultraviolet light included, which is reminiscent of the light up features that came with the Target exclusive toys. The lantern is shaped like a real lantern and it can be held by Owen, though it is a bit large for him. The lantern has a molded clip on the bottom, and it feels like it should attach to something...again, another half-butted attempt by Hasbro to give us overpriced figures and lame features.

The bike is a rehash of an Indiana Jones bike, which looks good. It's probably the best thing from this set. It works great with any figures in the scale. Owen, on the other hand...he can't hold his rifle right, the elbow articulation feels really weak, and his head sculpt makes him look like Shawn Ashmore AKA Iceman. Chris Pratt was the one who made that realization, by the way.

He's as tall as a GI Joe figure, taller than a Star Wars figure, and shorter than a Kenner figure. I really have no idea what to do with this figure. Maybe he'll go on to hanging out with Multiverse Batman or join GI Joe, but he's definitely not gonna hang out with Mudloon, Ellie and the gang. Couldn't they just kitbash a GiJoe to at LEAST give it better articulation? I can't believe that all the 3.75 inch tall figures in that picture have better articulation than Owen except for the JPIII helicopter pilot. The arm articulation is actually kind of weird. Also...

Why does mine have a huge brown spot on his forehead? Freaking pathetic. What a letdown. I'll try to clean it off. Any suggestions? Alcohol? Nail Polish removal?

Those raptors are huge. It doesn't work. It just doesn't. Hasbro can and should do better. The splotch on the face was too much.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Jurassic World Dino Hybrid Velociraptor

JW Dino Hybrid Velociraptor

Dino Hybrid Velociraptor! This figure is a straight up repaint from Jurassic World Charlie and Delta, but with brighter colors. For a more in depth review of those molds, please see and Let's review this particular figure, shall we?

Well, I'm not a big fan. The shiny green and the red tiger stripes do make it impressive looking, but the claws aren't painted on, which detracts from the whole thing. The color scheme is original though, and eye catching. That's what they were going for.

Sometimes repainted dinosaurs are more aesthetically pleasing than the main line dinosaurs, despite the fact that the claws remain unpainted.

As with the growlers Charlie and Delta, pushing the tail down makes it roar, and the wound lights up.

This is the 5th raptor for the raptor pack. If you like repaints, this one is for you!

Jurassic World Dino Hybrid Tyrannosaurus rex

JW Dino Hybrid T.rex

Once Universal and Hasbro saw the potential in Jurassic World toys after great sales last year, they decided to bring it back as DINO HYBRIDS! The new line consists of repaints and kitbashed Jurassic World dinosaurs with features such as removable armor, spikes and so forth. The Tyrannosaurus rex is based on the Chomper T.rex mold, but with added electronics, pop-up spikes and a snazzy new color!

The shiny sheen is wonderful. I probably like it because the Chomper was so bland. The color scheme is detailed with several shades of green, and some goldish spray over the back, which really gives it a shiny look some scaly animals have. The odd hexagonal pattern bits on the neck and belly are strange, but it's not the first time we've seen them on a JW dinosaur. The other side has the dreaded screw holes, which is odd considering the chomper was the only JW dinosaur that did not have screw holes!

Pushing the button makes the back crest pop up, and it makes a "fwip" sound. Pushing the button more causes it to roar. The crest's scales are nicely painted, with streaks of gold. It is reminiscent of an iguana's crest, and I think this is what they were going for: a T.rex with iguana-like features.

This toy is interesting because it produces several sounds, beginning with the "fwip" sound when the crest pops up. Opening the jaw for a short time causes it to emanate two different roars, and leaving the jaw open causes it to produce a longer roar. The sounds are very loud, and quite frankly, I love the sound effects on this toy.

I think it's far superior to the chomper. They even corrected the standing problem, and these stand up just fine. The chomper stood up for a while, but they keep falling over now.

This figure can currently be obtained ONLY at Toys R' Us, as far as I'm concerned, but I think the rest of the line will be released everywhere. I highly recommend the figure, at least for morbid curiosity. Hasbro is still giving us sub-standard dinosaurs, and God knows this is not a dinosaur, but a theme park monster, and it should be treated as such. With that being said, the figure is aesthetically pleasing and fun.