Saturday, October 25, 2014

Procon CollectA Dilophosaurus

Procon CollectA Dilophosaurus

I bought this 7 years ago when Procon CollectA was in its infancy as I wanted to have all Dilophosaurus ever. It's... not the best sculpt's highly inaccurate, but it's got a very gnarly paint wash!

It could be worse. This is actually a very nicely detailed sculpt with wrinkles and scales and stuff. I have one other figure from CollectA and it's Agustinia (the small one) and I've always loved it. CollectA is known for producing dinosaur figures not often produced enough, and while this Dillow is not one of the best, they are producing some very high quality dinosaur toys now a days! Boy if I had the space... Still it's a nice vintage looking Dillow. I love it.

If anything this particular Dillow looks like a noasaur... but that's just me. Downwards upper jaws and weird looking lower jaw? This screams of Noasaurus or Masiakasaurus if anything! But let's...let's not delve into that little obsession of mine yet.

It's also in near scale to most other Dillows. Very nice. I think it's a nice dinosaur figure to have. Doesn't take up a ton of space and has some personality to it. The color wash is quite nice! I recommend it to CollectA purists!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus

Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus

Dilophosaurus is a toothy animal, but this is the toothiest Dilophosaurus in existence. Not only it's an excellent representation of my favorite dinosaur, but it is also my favorite Safari Ltd (excluding Carnegie) figure ever.

Wow I love this figure. The colors, the pose, the details...absolutely amazing. I'm surprised it took me so long to acquire it. Maybe this dino is actually sucking up to me. I love it's "mommy, I love you, please feed me" pose. He also looks smiling and happy. While my favorite Dilophosaurus toy is the Carnegie Collection one seen EXCLUSIVELY HERE: review done by yours truly for the glory of the Dino Toy blog, this is probably my second favorite. Then again, it is hard for me to pick and choose as Dillows are my best friends.

"Mommy plz feed"

"Here you go, a chuleta of Anchisaurus"

It's rather large in comparison to other Dillows in similar scale, but that's ok. I think it is an accurate representation of the animal, and I am fond of that. Next up, ANOTHER DILLOW! WHee! It's Dillow Week!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Transformers Beast Machines Airraptor

Beast Machines Airraptor!

Sorry for my absence, school has begun and I have been busy with that. Strangely enough this has been an extremely laid back and easy week, so watch for a plethora of reviews coming this way! First up is Airraptor! Known as Archadis in Japan (and is a Destron in Beast Wars Neo), this Beast Machines Dinobot takes on an unusual form: Archaeopteryx!!!

This TF has a lot of kibble due to all those crazy feathers! He is a very colorful, highly articulated TF, and in his tech specs it is stated that he is a sniper. His gun has a clever gear mechanism so when the feather shield is rotated, the gun will be placed in his hand. His left arm is his dino head and he can sort of hold things with those jaws... His large dino wings also shield his back and chest from all sorts of attacks. He's also articulated at the hips, knees and ankles and has elbow joints, biceps and ball jointed shoulders. Oh, and a cut neck.

His dino wings can flip forward, revealing his spark contained, which denotes his allegiance to the Dinobot cause! He can also attack his enemies that way.

Transforming him isn't complicated, but it is a clever transformation. He's even cooler in Archaeopteryx mode!

Underneath the wings he holds two feather bombs. Pressing the buttons will cause the wings to pop out and drop both bombs.

Popping out the wings will also allow you to access its attack mode. The ends of the wings can be rotated outward revealing two huge cannons for air to air combat.

One of my favorite Dinobots ever, Airraptor is a worthy addition to any collection.

Monday, September 15, 2014

DinoZone Swordsaurus

Dinozone Swordsaurus

Sorry for my absence, been busy with my Batman blog. Anywho today we get our first look at Dinozone! Dinozone made by Bandai back in 2000 featured transformable robot dinosaurs that sort of went from fossil to robot dinosaur/transformer. There was an anime of the same name but I never really did see it. Either way the toys are super cool and have an unique aesthetic feel to them. They are a mixture of clear translucent plastic which forms the body and the bones are usually done in a shiny or chrome finish. Swordsaurus is no exception.

Swordsaurus is a Pachycephalosaurus. He gets the name Swordsaurus because his tail is a huge sword. When he transforms into sword mode he can clip on the arm of a larger Dinosoldier to make up the sword. I'll have to take pictures of that sometime later. The head is spring loaded. When you push it backwards and let it go the head will do a bashing motion.

Robot mode looks REALLY awkward, more so on this figure than in the rest of the Dinozone figures. They are essentially shellformers, but not this one as he just swings around to transform. He's got articulated shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. You culd say that the waist also is articulated but that's more of a transformation issue.

I love these toys, but they are FRAGILE, especially this figure! The shoulder joints rest on some weak clear plastic wheel that breaks really easily when you swing his arms outward. A toy that's 14 years old will be especially susceptible to the damage. In fact this is my SECOND Swordsaurus as the first one's shoulders disintegrated upon taking it out of the package. This one has stress fractures but I'm not going to force him too hard. This figure is VERY hard to find, so I'm lucky to own two of them.

Anywho, I'll try to post more often. Don't forget to look at my sales: Thanks for coming by!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cryolophosaurus by Battat!

I have been waiting 10 years or so for this moment! New Battat dinos! This new batch is sculpted by Dan LoRusso, and are sold only in US Target stores under the name Terra. It's a small dino, around 6in long or so. The packaging is made of recycled materials and boy am I impressed with the packaging.

Sorry for the bad picture, but the back of the packaging gives a description of the dinosaur.

The interior of the packaging features a fold up diorama depicting some sort of arid terrain, so you can display your dinos in the packaging. Fancy!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. For the time being, four of these are being offered: Cryolophosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Nanshiungosaurus, and Dacentrurus. Elvis here features a neural walking and looking to the side pose. Surprisingly he can balance on his own two feet with the tail lifted off the ground. This is a sharp contrast with most other "Tripod" stance theropods. The colors are amazing. This figure is incredibly detailed. The pictures simply don't do it justice. I know some think that Battat dinos are overrated, but I have always held them in high esteem and prefer them over Carnegie dinosaurs. Back in '98 when I first found Battats, I was very impressed at their level of detail. Dan LoRusso really did a good job on these.

"I'm lookin atchoo!"

Here Cryolophosaurus is compared to Dilophosaurus (the second version) from the original Battat line. Final thoughts: GET THEM NOW! A review will never do it justice. This awesome dinosaur figure belongs in every true believer's collection!

Transformers Beast Wars Mutants Razorclaw!

It's not what it looks like. This "wolverine" actually transforms into a raptor! But let's just look at the wolverine mode first. It's nicely articulated, totally doesn't look like a wolverine, but those big clawed arms turn into his raptor legs...

According to his tech specs, he's a Maximal aka the good guys. Shame on me because all this time I thought he was a Predacon! Time to put him with the good Dinobots I suppose.

Transformation is straightforward and easy to remember. Now I'm not sure if he classifies as a Transformer, but Mutant Beasts are totally organic Transformers with no mechanical parts. Ew. Can you imagine that translated into one of Bay's films? Yuck. Guts and stuff. I really like the raptor mode though. That's why I bought it in the first place. I lucked out, too because when I purchased him in 2001 he had already been extinct for a couple of years. I found him at a Rite-Aid in North Seattle that was full of older toys. These days, Razorclaw is very hard to find cheap.

"I'mma tear you up!"

Now I must really apologize for the quality of the pictures. My camera is very fidgety, I barely know how to use it, and this was done at night when it's dark. I will try to do better next time. I promise. Final thoughts: I've always loved this toy and I highly recommend it to any Beast Wars fan.