Friday, April 8, 2016

Jurassic World Hero Mashers Dimorphodon

JW HM Dimorphodon

Can we stop putting the name Dimorphodon on Jurassic World creatures? Please just stop. This is the worst Hero Masher I've found so far. Again, fun for kids, but definitely not fun for dino collectors.

This is not a pterosaur. It's a reptilian griffin. That's all it is. It's blue and orange and it has an ugly face and ugly arms and the wings...this is just a jumbled mess.

Well you can pose it and try to make it look like a pterosaur. At least it is quadrupedal and plantigrade which is true for all pterosaurs, making it one of the few who fit those types. Still, I don't know. Probably my least favorite so far. Even the Dilopho-Pteranodon one is better. However, it's a cool monster to attack your favorite superheroes! I shall name it something else.

Jurassic World Hero Mashers Parasaurolophus

JW HM Parasaurolophus

Another JW Hero Masher review! This time it's Parasaurolophus! Again these are the most basic sets and don't come with other pieces except for just the Parasaurolophus. I got this in clearance, and you should too!

Well, I can tell you already that this orange creature is not my preferred JW Hero Masher. This is not what a Parasaurolophus looks like, period.

It's got a nice range of motion, but it's just so...ugly...

Again these are not aimed at collectors, but at young kids who want to create all manner of hybrids. I gotta say though the creepy teeth really turn me off. If your kid really needs the parts then this is a good booster pack, but other than that I would pass on it.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Jurassic World Hero Mashers Red Velociraptor

JW HM Red Velociraptor

Continuing with the stylized Hero Mashers line here we have Velociraptor in red! Apparently there is a blue one, but I have never seen it in stores.

I purchased this along with all the basics for $5 each at Fred Meyer when they were dumping them on clearance. For that price instead of the original $12 price tag they are totally worth it, so like I said before, if on clearance, these are worth it. It's a nice red raptor, nicely articulated, opens jaws... the purple spikes on its head and tail give it a swift looking personality.

Pieces are compatible with all other hero mashers and Velociraptor gives you a new pool of parts to use for your splicing experiments.

A nice addition to the line, for $5 this is amazing. For $12 pass on it if you can. I cannot find the blue one anywhere, so if you have one and can send it to me let me know!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Jurassic World Hero Mashers Target Exclusive Indominus rex

JW HM Target Excl. Indominus rex

Hero Mashers! Ask anyone who knows me on social media and I kept calling these "a waste of plastic". I've never cared about Hasbro's Hero Masher figures, and I've often compared them to Bionicle ripoffs, and believe me when I tell you I used to be BIG into Bionicle back in the day...still am with the old stuff. But anyways, I love store exclusives and when I saw the Indominus rex on clearance at Target, I just HAD to have it. And bow was I impressed. THIS TOY IS FUN! Isn't that what toys are supposed to be anyways? It's just...really really cool. They all should be an absolute delight for kids. Now, while I am reviewing these late and most of them are on clearance bins and hitting discount stores, if you are a parent and wanna get your kids fun dinosaur themed toys with building properties, don't hesitate to buy these! They are easy to get out of the package and you'll be playing with them in no time.

When you open them, only one side is built, the other parts are scattered on the plastic innards. Interestingly enough this is the only Hero Masher toy with instructions that I have encountered, and they highlight the...wait where have I seen this JW light thing before? I sense a trend here. But more on that in a bit. Let's build it!

That's a good lookin' toy right there! It has these sort of robotic aesthetics, so that's why I decided it belonged in my dino collection, though I have nowhere to put it...

Pointing the light at its back reveals these hexagonal patterns. Looks good doesn't it?

Pushing the little spike buttons on the back of the neck will cause its jaw to open! Rawr!

Indominus can be posed in a variety of ways, and THIS is what makes it so fun. Very rarely do we get super poseable dinosaurs on the market!

Now, I inverted the main body and switched the parts so the head would be where the tail was originally at, and I feel it looks better. Anyways, this is a great toy, it's a great exclusive and now I'm hooked and hunting these down. There's a normal Indominus rex with other parts available, but I do not know if it lights up as this one does. I'll have to hunt it down now. The joints to feel kind of fragile and are really tight, especially when turning in 360 degrees. I already noticed stress fractures, so be careful. Highly recommended for young kids!