Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Terra Battat Dan LoRusso Collection Acrocanthosaurus atokensis

Terra Battat Dan LoRusso Collection Acrocanthosaurus atokensis

Those who know me know I love anything Battat made last century. My collection is terribly thin, and when I heard that select molds (those made by Dan LoRusso) were going to be repainted, I was naturally ecstatic! Lo and behold, the Terra collection by Battat, available at Target repainted and released the Acrocanthosaurus!

Currently out in Target stores for 9.99, this formidable late Cretaceous superpredator is a repaint of the 1998 figure which I do not own. Out of the package, and compared to all my other Battat figures past and present, I must say I was underwhelmed.

I asked on social media "why is it on all fours when the pictures of the original show a perfectly balanced theropod?", always gracious, Dan LoRusso responded and told me that it's Battat's fault and that the original one was supposed to be well balanced on both legs.

I now want the old one more than ever, but I gotta say, the paint apps are rather nice. However, there are bits of plastic and such sticking out of the figure. It seems to have been made in a rush. Still, all the details are there, and it's still the best mold of Acrocanthosaurus I own.

I love the mold, love the colors, especially love the box, but I must say that out of all of Battat's dinosaurs, including the old weird Stegosaurus, this is my least favorite figure. Still, for 9.99 it's a nice addition and like I said, the best Acrocanthosaurus I own. It's physically accurate (the hands might need a bit more rotation), and in scale with all other Battat dinosaurs.

All the other Acros I own. Carnegie and Kaiyodo. Big and small. Grey and Green! I's a great figure worthy of anyone's collection, but the execution seems...well...I dunno. Battat, where are the Gastonia and Gigantoraptor?